1. We do not recognise any conditions laid down in documents issued by our customers as offers, the transaction being concluded under the present general conditions on acceptance of the order.
  2. Our estimates and proposals are final. Our suppliers reserve the right to change the technical specifications in their catalogues and the prices quoted in their price lists.
  3. In no case shall we be obliged to pay any compensation whatsoever either for late delivery or for any other direct or indirect default.  Any deficiencies in part of the order do not entitle the customer to refuse the complete transaction. Use, even if partial, entails rightful acceptance of the entire order, without reservation.
  4. All our invoices must be paid in cash.
  5. Invoices not settled by the due date will be automatically and rightfully increased by collection charges and interest of 1.5% per month. Moreover, the amount of any invoice not settled within 8 days of formal notice will be increased by a flat rate charge of 15%, with a minimum of 50 Euro.
  6. The courts of the Brussels district shall be solely competent to deal with any dispute between our customers and us.